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Retrieval System
Current Books and Periodical (1949--) Online Public Access Catalogue of Shanghai Library (iPAC) Enter This system does not include ancient books, modern materials and special technical documents. As to these documents, please refer to the following related category.
Periodicals Periodicals in Chinese China Academic Journals Enter
Collecting over 5300 academic periodicals from 1994.
Database on Chinese technical periodicals (Open soon) Collecting over 9000 technical periodicals.
Periodicals in foreign languages

Periodicals in foreign languages collected by the Shanghai Library Enter

Collecting over 5000 periodicals in foreign languages collected by the Shanghai Library.
EBSCO Table of Content Enter http://xwqk.digilib.sh.cn/
IEEE IEEE ASPP provides 115 periodicals on electronic engineering and computer science published by IEEE. We will deliver the documents by email.
Dissertations ProQuest Collecting over 90% doctoral dissertations in North America, and other dissertations in the world as well. Our library has about 10,000 dissertations from 2001.
Full text database of China dissertations Collecting the dissertations from 2000-2002
Patents CD-ROM on patents Including China(CN), U.S.A.(US), U.K.(GB), France(FR), German(DE), Russia(RU), Switzerland(CH), Japan(JP), etc., and EPC(EP), PCT(WO) as well.
Standards CD-ROM on standards Including China(GB and other standards), U.S.A.(ANSI and other standards), U.K. (BS), France(NF), German(DIN), Russia(TOCT), Japan(JIS), IEC and ISO.
Technical Reports   Providing government reports of U.S.A, i.e. AD, PB, NASA and DOE reports.
Conference Profiles Conference profiles in China Enter These conference profiles reflect the up to date trends in technology, and they also are the important information sources.
Conference Profiles of IEEE About 370 conference profiles on electronic engineering and computer science from 1998
All Kinds of Databases Enter Now Shanghai Library have over 140 database, including over 6, 300 e-periodicals and over 14, 500 e-books.
Historical Documents Genealogies
Over 14, 500 kinds of genealogies and 110, 000 volumes are collected by the Shanghai Library, which is the largest library in genealogy.
Ancient Books Over 200,000 kinds of documents (1911-1949)
Modern Newspaper and Periodicals (1868-1949) Over 140,000 kinds of modern books, with over 1.2 million volumes.
Old books in foreign languages (1515-1945) Old books in foreign languages (1515-1945), covering philosophy, religion, literature, arts, etc
Old maps (1855-1955)  
Other Resources Pictures and photos Audio and Video resources and scores,
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